TG Voice Therapy Helps Clients Transform Their Voices with Transgender Voice Training


The experts at TG Voice Therapy provide treatment plans that are created based on the needs of each transgender individual. The therapists at TG Voice Therapy understand the importance of transgender voice training and are committed to making a difference in each of their client’s lives. The environment created by the specialists is inviting and accepting when providing the tools their clients need for transgender voice training. Their mission is to facilitate the lives of clients who are currently undergoing transition. TG Voice Therapy provides services that are highly recognized and are making a difference in the lives of many.

TG Voice Therapy assists clients of all ages with transgender voice training. Although hormones are a great way to aid with transition, they do no typically help transgender women or men with pitch or tone. Transgender voice training is also a great option for those who are going through transition but cannot necessarily afford hormone treatment. TG Voice Therapy specialists will help feminize or masculinize client’s voices through transgender voice training. They will focus on pitch, feminine or masculine articulation and vocabulary, based on the social inclination of their gender. Voice alteration brings confidence and will allow members of the transgender community feel more comfortable with themselves and their voices.

The therapists at TG Voice Therapy understand the difficulties that come with transition. Their goal is to help their clients achieve a voice change they will be proud of. With the aid of therapists and transgender voice training , the transgender community now have a space where they can practice their voice change in a controlled and safe environment.

About TG Voice Therapy

TG Voice Therapy is service that specializes in transgender voice training through speech therapy sessions. They are trained to pinpoint problems and create treatment plans catered specially for their clients. For more information about the company and their services, visit their website: or call (323) 954-0887. Address: 117 N. Highland Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90036.

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