A Life-Changing Narrative On Winning The Battle Against Autoimmune Disease

Author Seema Giri To Release The Authorities In India

5th February, 2019: The Authorities by renowned International Author and transformational coach Seema Giri is to be released in India on the auspicious day of Republic Day. The book is based on the framework of the 4 Pillars of Health – Nutrition, exercise, mindset & spirituality and is co-authored with 3 of the Top New York Times Best Selling Authors. Break Free from Your Pain Cycle: Winning the Battle and Conquering Autoimmune Disease is an introduction to a way of life that will see you conquer the disease your doctors believe cannot be overcome. Seema Giri shares the importance of having full faith in yourself & follow your intuition. Her work addresses the whole you—body, mind, and spirit—and is drawn from the best practices in holistic healing, ancient eastern modalities, her own discoveries, and love. All have the basic backbone of India’s ancient healing modalities including yoga, mindfulness, and pranayama.
Seema Giri has personal experience of the debilitating autoimmune disease. She has lost many years in her youth to pain and suffering. She feels it’s her responsibility to share her message to save people their time and health so they can focus on what’s important; precious moments with their loved ones. She wants more people to have access to life’s possibilities so less and fewer people live a confined and isolated life. She also wants to make a change within her ethnic group where more women can be able to share these types of vulnerabilities, not feel shame and abandonment. A safe environment with people they can confide in and feel empowered and not alone. India has an alarming number increase of western diseases including mental health. The time to take action towards wellness is now.

The book presents
1. Seema’s Healing Journey & Lessons Learned
2. Tools to help the reader get started on their own healing journey
3. Hope that you can change the trajectory of your life
4. Other inspiring stories that will build the reader from experts in happiness, relationships and leadership that complement “Break Free From Your Pain Cycle”

Technical information
Pages: 158
Format: 6×9 in
Binding: Hardcover w/jacket
Published: Publisher Authorities
Price- Rs.1,548/-
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